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About Me

An utterly brutal bitch at heart. Learned in the arts of pain for pleasure, I'll take you to a place within yourself that you didn't even realise existed. I take great pride in dragging My slaves into a state of all consuming devotion. Leaving you bewitched for days at a time after our session. Yearning for more...

I've been exploring the world of fetish for over six years privately and have been practicing My skills professionally for almost two years to date. Over this period I've provided a variety of services however real time Domination has stuck with Me as an insatiable urge that I need to pursue.

There's an undeniable mysticism about the smell of heavy rubber, the slow suffocation of bondage or release of pain that I love to engulf Myself in as often as possible. Tempting and torturing is My calling.

A reserved yet intense personality, complete with an attitude sent straight from hell. My clients have described Me as cunning, cruel and charming at the worst of times. It's My priority to get into your head and fuck with you in every sense of the term.

You'll be met with thick, soft body hair, tattoos, piercings and dark features. I've been praised for My natural feminine allure & seductive hazel eyes. Truly a body made to worship. 

Hailing from central Suffolk and regularly visiting London, Norwich and Southend-On-Sea I'm hard to miss.

I get the best thrill from well behaved, punctual and entirely debauched slaves. If you think you're worthy of Me then you're in for an unforgettable experience.

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